Much of the support we provide to clients relates to nurturing effective leadership as a means to driving business success.

Indeed, Effective Leadership is one of the two “Do not pass go, do not collect $200” elements in our Success Through People© Model.

Of course, we know that we are not alone in our efforts to support businesses in this regard, and there is a plethora of research on what makes for effective leadership. That said, it’s often the simple things that work the best, so it is in that spirit that we present for you one of our favourite all-time thought-starters on leadership (with apologies if you are 1 of the other 7 million+ people to have already viewed it!). Keep reading below for our key takeaways…

A few points worthy of note:

  • Be easy to follow – people embrace those leaders who are clear, consistent, authentic and lead by example – Be the first to dance!
  • Create momentum – get people excited about you are wanting to achieve. Create a vision and a plan to get there – Show them the moves!
  • Nurture your first followers – the most effective business leaders know that one of the keys to success is inspiring, encouraging and recognising the efforts of others

So what are you waiting for? – Find your partners and get dancing!