A question we are often asked by people after they complete the Success Through People (STP) Scorecard and/or otherwise stumble across the STP model, is How do I implement this in my business?

After being asked the question more than a few times, we figured we’d better do something about it, so we put our thinking caps on and came up with the STP Pathway.

In simple terms, the Pathway provides a clear 5-step plan to implement the Success Through People© model in your business or organisation.

While the Pathway is designed to be deployed as a step-by-step process, we also recognise that different businesses need different things at any given point in time, so we encourage you to dip in and out of the pathway as required: whatever makes sense for your business!

Step 1 – Take Stock / Where Are You Now?

Before you can get where you’re going (and it you’re on the STP Pathway, your it’s likely your intended destination is a higher-performing, profitable and sustainable business that facilitates engagement through effective workplace cultures), you need to know your starting point.

And the best way to determine your starting point is to take the complimentary Success Through People Scorecard. If you haven’t already done so, click here to access.

Once you’ve completed the Scorecard, review your report and highlight those tips/suggestions that resonate for you. Share the results with other leaders in your business and begin to determine your way forward.

Step 2 – Get Your Team Involved

While the Scorecard provides a great starting point, it is in reality a self-assessment tool. Gathering additional insights from your team is particularly important, so it’s critical to also engage them in the conversation. It’s a great opportunity to begin to get their “buy-in” to the STP process, and also canvass additional suggestions about how you can work together to improve the business for the benefit of all.

The best way to get your team involved is by undertaking the Success Through People Team Survey. Click here to download the flyer, and reach out for details of special pricing for you, our Success Through People Pioneers.

Step 3 – Develop Your Success Through People Plan

Steps 1 and 2 are all about understanding the STP model, building support and gathering information. Step 3 involves evaluation that information and collaboratively determining your key priorities and strategies for achieving Success Through People in your business.

Our complimentary Success Through People Planner is just what you need. Apart from being a means by which you can record your plan, it guides you through a 5-step process to help you get it done. Download it now.

If you’re not quite ready to go completely DIY, get in touch and to discuss our online coaching/workshop options.

Step 4 – Implement Your STP Plan

A plan without action is perhaps better than nothing, but a well-constructed plan combined WITH action is the true path to success.

Manage this phase as you would any other project: attribute responsibilities and timeframes, regularly review progress, communicate effectively with your team throughout, refine/adjust your Success Through People Plan as required and begin to reap the benefits!

If need be, we can help you stay on track and accountable via one-off or a series of Success Through People Coaching Calls.  Get in touch and we can chat through the options.

Step 5 – Review and Repeat

Depending on the size and nature of your business/organisation, your initial STP Plans will likely take 6 to 18 months to work through.  If you’ve effectively constructed and delivered on your plan, you should within this timeframe really be seeing some significant positive differences in your business.

That said, the most effective leaders in our experience understand that there’s always opportunity to improve. So return to step 1. Take the Success Through People Scorecard again. You should find a significant improvement in your score, so give yourself and your team a pat on the back then further consider:

  • What’s worked well?
  • What benefits have we seen?
  • What hasn’t worked so well?
  • What else can we do to improve?

Engage your team again, via step 2, and continue…..

So there you have it. A clear pathway, complete with information, tools and support to help you along the way. What are you waiting for? Take steps to achieve Success Through People In your business today!