Among many other things, the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has caused me to think about leadership during times of crisis. While we look to the world’s political leaders to provide us with information, support and guidance, people are also looking to their local community and business leaders to help them through these difficult times.

A recent article on Fast Company provides some useful insight/strategies to help you be the leader that others want and need you to be in a time of crisis:

Rely on experts to strengthen your voice – You don’t need to be an expert on the virus and it’s impacts. Gather and reference information and advice from others to amplify your voice.

Use the opportunity to highlight readiness – Hopefully you have some sort of contingencies/business continuity plan in place that, while each crisis is different, at least offers some guidance as to how to proceed. Perhaps you’ve also experienced and emerged through other crises before. Determine and clearly communicate your strategies/intended actions.

Build community – More than ever, in challenging times, people want to feel that they are part of a community. What can you do in your business/organisation to enable those connected with you to feel a comforting sense of belonging?

Solicit feedback – What are others thinking and feeling, what suggestions do they have for managing through this difficult period?

Be willing to throw some rules out – Different times call for different protocols, actions and responses. Be flexible and adaptable.

Show your work – Take, demonstrate and communicate your actions.

Emphasise passion over persuasion – Yes, gather, process and communicate information/data but don’t forget the human element.

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